Common Workplace Challenges Impacting Performance

workersIn most cases, people spend nearly a third of their adult life at work. This means it never comes as a surprise workplace issues that contribute to low life and stress. It becomes increasingly difficult to have a workplace where everyone’s expectations, roles, and personalities produce a perfect blend without conflicts. Research has shown issues such as stress within the workplace is associated with a higher level of mental issues such as anxiety and depression.

The workplace can be defined as an environment with different personalities and conflicting individuals. It is a place defined with a lot of differences in terms of opinions and other affiliations. This means people working in a workplace are faced with a lot of challenges including the following;

Communication Issues

One of the biggest challenges employees face is navigating through different communication styles and channels. A lack of well-constituted and effective communication will always hinder the effectiveness of a team. It can also affect the level of trust among employees and the management in general. It is very important for organizations to have a clearly stipulated communication channel that employees can use to ensure that messages are well communicated.


Staying engaged and motivated is a big issue facing many employees today. Employees who are engaged are reported to be much more involved and excited. A higher level of engagement among staff members will have a higher impact on overall business innovation and productivity. On the other hand, the lack of engagement translates to lack of motivation.

Organization Bureaucracy

workplaceThe aspect of staff attitudes to higher authority plays a big role in the cohesion and cooperations staff have to their managers and supervisors. This is one of the main reasons these days we are seeing many disgruntled employees whose mood and morale affect the overall performance of a team. There needs to be a well-defined and clearly spelled balance between management procedures and staff automation.

Dealing with change

In any organization, change is always inevitable. Changes in an organization can come as a result of management, staff turnover, and change of clients among others. Many employees are faced with a lot of assumptions and unnecessary conclusions when they see change happening. If something around is changing, we should be equally ready to embrace the change or else we are left out.


It is very important to understand how to deal with negativity as it affects morale. There is always a reason for employees to have their morale go down. If the management doesn’t recognize this change in morale, there is pretty a high chance that it will lead to a negative attitude. Such kind of negativity may lead to frustrations and affect workplace performance.

Innovation, Creativity and New Skills

We all like to feel like we are accomplishing something be it working towards a goal or meeting a certain target. In any organization, there will be a particular group of employees who will be keen on acquiring new skills and advancing their careers. Those who do not keep up with this requirement are highly to miss out. Employees are also faced with the pressure of showing their continued worthiness through being creative.

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