How to Effectively Manage Teams

team workEven if you are not directly involved in the day to day management of teams, chances are pretty high that you shall be involved in a management position in the near future. The role of any manager is never a smooth sailing. At the beginning of your career, chances are that you are purely responsible for your work. It may not be your duty to inspire others at such a time. However, as time moves by, other responsibilities are added to you and you might find yourself in a management position.

For you to be an effective manager, you must aspire to be a leader. Leaders are people who are tasked with getting things done in the right way. They are involved in creating a compelling vision for the future and communicating that vision to other members of the team. As a manager, you must ensure all the company visions and goals are implemented. To effectively manage teams, there are key things you have to get right;


When it comes to managing teams effectively, delegation is very important. No matter your skill set, you will be limited to achieving a lot of things if you are working alone. When you have a team behind you, there is so much you will be able to achieve. A successful delegation happens when you match people with tasks that are much suited to them. You need to put together a team that understands each other, and delegate tasks to the team.


It is very important as a manager to motivate your team. The key duty of any good manager is to motivate their team. When it comes to motivation, there are different approaches you can go about it. You will also have to understand that different people have different needs when it comes to motivation – This means people are motivated differently. Some people are highly motivated while others will hardly perform without managerial input.

Developing a team

As a manager, you have a duty of developing your team. Teams are comprised of individuals who have different talents and abilities, and people who are at different levels in their career. You need to strike a balance to ensure that you have the right balance in your team. You need to develop a highly motivated and capable team that can help you achieve all your goals and objectives. Ensure that you give a regular feedback to members of your team for them to reflect and improve their performance.


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