Top Leadership Qualities that make good managers

leadershipWhile running a washing services in Fredericksburg, I was faced with a lot of managerial decisions to make. Managers have the power to make or break an organization. Great managers inspire and encourage their employees to reach and deliver to their full potential, and help organizations surpass their goals. On the other hand, terrible dictators discourage their workers and this causes them to jump ship. A high number of employees who quit their jobs do so because they do not get along with their bosses.

Here are top skills that promote great leadership.


At any given moment a team halts believing that their leader is not communicating to them the truth in a transparent and honest manner, things start to come down crumbling. There is no need for workers to follow their boss if they feel the level of confidence in their leader is wanting due to honesty issues. In the business world, honesty is very important, and a value that every leader must aspire to have. When an organization is hiring for a manager, they should be able to look for a person who understands and appreciates the importance of openness and transparency.

Communication skills

A good managers must be able to communicate in a clear and precise manner. Great managers have great communication skills. They are able to get a team on a new page and have everyone work towards same goals and objectives. There should not be different interpretations of the same objectives. Great managers should be in a position to communicate verbally, but at the same time communicate precisely in written word.


decideIrrespective of the category or level of department that a manager works, all managers must make very tough decisions. To make a business more efficient, you have to look for a candidate who understands every aspect of the business, and is able to make tough decisions. Strong leaders are able to make strong decisions very quick, and this comes after doing due diligence. An average person makes about 35,000 decisions per day and managers make at least twice that number. When you select an indecisive manager, your company will very slow.


In order to have the support of your team, managers need to have confidence that the decisions they are making are the right ones. After a very tough decision has been reached, a manager should be in a position to convince his team that what has been done is the best and that the team needs to move forward. As time moves by, a business may suffer. It might be that you are sued or a new competitor enters the market. Another key thing that a great manager should have is a wider sense of responsibility. Great managers understand that they are in charge, and that they are responsible for the performance of everyone.

A great manager should also have a great sense of empathy. Look for a managerial candidate who has a great sense of empathy. Focus is also very important. Additionally, you have to be highly creative as creativity is the only thing that will set you apart from others.


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