Soft Skills You Need to Master as a Customer Sales

We are living in an era of cutthroat competition and failure to meat customer demands will render any company unprofitable. Tow trucks in Sanford have remarkably improved their customer service by hiring competent representatives, training their teams, and adopting modern customer service strategies to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. To leave your customers happy, you must ensure the team attending to your customers have the right combination of soft skills.

Soft skills refer to the ability to delight customers and not related to products or services a company offers. They are non-technical skills such as interpersonal communication, social awareness, personality traits, among others, which all contribute to customer experience. In most cases, soft skills are harder to train than technical skills. This is because they can’t be studied or read from a book.

If you want your customer representative team to deliver the best experience for your customers, ensure it has the following soft skills.

Managing ambiguity

Product knowledge normally acts as the biggest barrier and friction between a customer and a support representative. All support reps should be experts in products sold by their businesses and have answers to different questions customers might have. A customer rep can manage ambiguity by obtaining the necessary information needed and get all answers a customer might have.

Creative problem solving

Customers will normally have different types of problems and questions and it’s upon you as customer rep to get creative and address customer queries. To be a better problem solver, you need to challenge yourself to think differently. You should not always jump on the first solution, rather think about what would be the best solution for your customers.

Active listening

There is nothing more frustrating than a customer narrating their problem through a long story, only for the rep not to pay attention. Customers do not only want to be heard, but they also want to be understood. As a customer rep, you need to be an active listener whenever a customer is telling their problem. Active listening entails having a deep focus on the other person’s point of view.

Conversation starter

Conversation starting is normally overlooked, but it is a very important customer support skill. When conversing through the phone, it is important to ensure you can have a concrete conversation with your customer, start the conversations, and ask key questions that would keep the conversation going.

Empathy and Understanding

The above two skills form the fundamentals of customer service. They are also the most difficult to master and can be a major determining factor between customer satisfaction and failure. You need to show genuine empathy for your customers by fitting in their shoes and imagining the situation they are facing. A good way of expressing empathy is expressing what you know about the problem a customer is experiencing and more importantly, expressing how you would handle the situation.

Another important customer service skill is the ability of a sales rep to keep the positive language. A lot of times, you will be dealing with a frustrated customer, and it’s important to ensure you hold your head high and don’t take things personally. Keep a positive language no matter the language a customer expresses themselves in.

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